The weekly forecast for binary trading

The weekly forecast for binary trading

Binary options on commodities like Gold or Crude are also in demand. Formerly, only oligarchs could afford them. Due to the binary options, these commodities became affordable to all investors. To use commodity and raw material forecasts is also easy as in the case of stock and index forecasts. If all time frames show the same forecast, the chance it comes true is high.
Binary option on currency forecasts are of great interest to investors because currency is the most liquid and popular instrument on the market. Besides, there is a wide choice of currency pairs, and heavy trading is typical for this market.
Forecast for the eur/usd/jpy.and gold assets
For thousands of years, investors have viewed gold as one of the best stores of value, and therefore one of the safest investments in the world. In times of crisis or market panic, investors often flock to the safety of gold, pushing its price higher. Gold is traditionally considered a good inflation hedge and during times of inflation the price tends to rise. Investors have several options for purchasing gold. First, they can go out and buy physical gold in the form of bullion or gold coins. This approach has several disadvantages, including the need to store the precious metal and keep it safe. An easier approach is to purchase shares in an exchange traded fund, method of tracking the price of gold is to purchase futures or options on gold.

While much of the world was sure that an increase to QE would send the EUR/USD spiraling lower to that parity level, few anticipated that a dovish move from the Fed would actually offset all of that. This is precisely what’s happened, at least so far, in the wake of that ECB meeting. Of specific interest to this setup, the spike created on the morning of that ECB announcement ran right up to a critical Fibonacci level at 1.1212 (shown in blue on the below chart), which is the 61.8% retracement of the ‘lifetime move’ in EUR/USD, taking the low from the year 2000 to the high set in 2008.
Should support develop at or above this level, traders can look at long positions back up to previous resistance values. The most recent swing-high came in at another Fib level, the 23.6% retracement of the most recent major move, and traders can look to take profits here, or perhaps scale-out a portion of the lot while moving the stop to breakeven on the remainder in the effort of looking for even higher-highs on the remainder of the lot.
This is one that will likely see considerable volatility over the next couple of weeks given the stance of Central Banks in both Japan and the United States. Yen strength has been a pervasive theme, and this is something we’ve been discussing for the better part of seven months now. Frankly, the Bank of Japan is likely the major Central Bank with the least flexibility after three-plus years of Abe-nomics has been unable to turn the deflationary tides. The Bank is running out of bonds to buy with QE, so they started buying stocks.
Earlier in the week we had cautioned against pushing the short USD/JPY trade as RSI divergence had begun to show on the 4-hour chart. We had pointed out levels at 108.50 and 109.00 to begin watching for resistance, but price has shot right through both of those levels, and is currently finding support on 109.00. This doesn’t necessarily eliminate the short setup, but it does urge caution.
Given that we have some degree of retracement with the past four days of price action, traders can add a Fibonacci retracement on the most recent major move (taking the 3/29 high to the 4/11 low). This offers a 38.2% Fibonacci retracement at 109.97, which are just a few pips shy of the critical 110.00 psychological level.
Should this retracement in USD/JPY continue, this could become a level of interest for future shorts ahead of BoJ meeting.

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